Drone photography in South Florida

July 15, 2018
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July 15, 2018 Jason D

Drone photography in South Florida

 Drone photography in South Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions is capturing drone photography in South Florida for high rise painters

Sky High Aerial Productions works a lot with many different industries all across Florida. One industry that benefits from aerial cinematography is painting. Painters that paint high rise buildings to be exact. Our company has the ability to showcase these companies skills far better than they ever before. Sky High Aerial Productions is capturing drone photography in south Florida for high rise painters With our amazing aerial platforms like the Inspire 2 we are able to capture marketing materials that can be used for print, social media and print.


Our last project was with A-1 tropic painting and waterproofing a big painting company that works from Orlando to Miami and does all commercial high rise buildings. They have used other drone companies before in the past but were not satisfied. When I made first contact with Mike the owner over 2 years ago we had to prove that Sky High Aerial Productions was different and could produce better than average results. As you can see we have never looked back and we have been shooting A-1 tropic projects ever since.


We have also acquired 4 more large painting companies that we work with on a regular basis. This day we did four different locations and supplied a full aerial package. This means we captured photos and video of all locations. With our Inspire 2 we always use Polar Pro ND filters to reduce shutter speeds and glare. Also when shooting video we always shoot in 4k with high frames rates like 60-120 fps. This ensures we have the best quality aerial video on the market. After the shoot we use professional adobe platforms like Premiere Pro and PhotoShop to color correct and enhance all video and pictures.


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