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UAV Photography and Videography

UAV Photography and Videography at PBIR

Sky High Aerial Productions provides UAV photography and videography for @Dragtimes youtube channel.

Hey guys, this job was really cool for a bunch of different reasons. Sky High Aerial Productions was called to provide UAV photography and videography by Brooks from Dragtimes. If you guys are not aware of his channel you should check it out! It always has some fast exotic cars racing! Also he meets up with many different people around the city to race at the Palm Beach International Speedway.

So when we were called to help out we jumped at the chance. This racetrack is perfect for our Inspire 2 platform to spread its wings. Also the track was rented out privately by Hydra Motor Works. UAV photography and videography is perfect for this industry and gives the racers a different perspective of their races.

The weather on this day was amazing, nice and cool but sunny at the same time. We also brought our Canon 80D with gimbal system to get some ground footage of the cars as well. Brooks brought out his Mclaren 720S and Hydra Motor Works had a group with some truly amazing rides. Hydra Motor Works is a company in south Florida that tunes any and all exotic cars and have a great reputation for doing amazing work.

The episode we were featured on was Dragtimes VS Demonology. The day went great and we were able to get a lot of really nice 4k footage of many different cars. We will link the video we made of the footage of that event here *Parent Advisory for Music*.Our company loves filming any type of production so please make sure to let us know if we can help bring your project to life!


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Drone company in Orlando

Drone company in Orlando travels to Daytona for heavy lift project.

Sky High Aerial Productions produces amazing project profile video for Star Mechanical.

Hello guys! Sky High Aerial Productions a drone company in orlando did a project that was truly something that we have never done before. We were called by Star Mechanical and Advanced Roofing to help produce a video for a heavy lift project were they would be lifting three 5 ton A/C units to the roof of a 20 story building with a helicopter. The project was located in Daytona and had a lot of moving parts.

We first had to obtain airspace authorization because the location was within range of an airport. This was done with no problem a couple days before the shoot. We used the LAANC system and was able to get automatic authorization in no time! We also scouted the location on google earth.

During the filming of this project we used our inspire 2 platform due to the amazing ability of the camera. Also we used a Polar Pro ND filter with polarization because this location was right on the water and it was a very sunny early morning shoot that went into the afternoon.

For this shoot we also had a verity of ground cameras that were capturing the action from a couple different angles. For this we used Cannon 80D DSLR cameras on tripods because they are small and have great video quality at 1080P. Since we did this we had great footage from 4 different angles when you include the drone footage.

Since this job had a helicopter involved we had to make sure to coordinate with the pilot to ensure extreme safety during the lifting process. Our staff was able to set a boundary point for filming so we would not get to close with the drone and everyone would be on the same page. The shoot went great and we were able to get everything we needed. The inspire 2 worked perfectly and we got amazing 4k footage to work with.

We will link the video so you can check it out! Thanks for checking out our new blog! sorry for not posting for a while but we have been extremely busy. Many more amazing jobs to come!

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Drone Videography in Brickell Miami

Drone Videography in Brickell Miami

Sky High Aerial Productions provides aerial drone videography in Brickell Miami for Solitair awards event.

Sky High Aerial Productions was recently contacted to help capture drone videography in Brickell Miami. This building the Solitair Miami is winning nine different awards for many different aspects of the building. The builder was able to fit 750,000 sqft. On a half acre which has never been done before. From having the fastest elevators in Miami to the whole building being shaped like a palm tree this building truly lives up to the luxuary of Miami. For this job we used our Inspire 2 drone with many different kinds of lens.


We also had to use our Phantom 4 Pro for some of the tight shots. We were able to fly the phantom 4 out of a terrace on the 10th floor and really get a amazing shot. Our inspire 2 was able to capture some amazing super stable footage of the building with Miami skyline in it. Drone videography in Brickell Miami is really taking off because of the lack of space down there. We were using the X5s camera and 50mm lens for some of the shots but it was a little challenging because the building is so large.


The aerial video we captured will be show at the awards ceremony early next month. The HD aerial video was shot in all 4K and edited on all abode software. There will also be an extensive interview section of the video and progression video from when the building was being built. If your company needs professional ground or aerial cinematography please call us today! We work with some of the largest and the smallest companies in florida. We love doing business with people who appricate quality and are involved in the process of their video.


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Jacksonville drone videography

Jacksonville Drone Videography

Sky High Aerial Productions provides event cinematography for North West Florida AIDS Network.

Sky High Aerial Productions often does drone videography in Jacksonville. This time were  contacted by the North West Florida AIDS Network a area 4 prevention partner earlier this month to provide Jacksonville drone videography and make some amazing marketing material to help promote their event for years to come and also get funding for future events.

Katrina Odell was the lead on the project and she was a pleasure to work with. She stated she found our company through another event company that we had worked with. She also said what she like about our company is the way we are able to mix aerial footage with amazing unique ground footage to make event footage really pop. So no pressure right! LOL.

Jacksonville drone videography is a big market and we are trying to work with many different event companies in the area. Our company has the ability provide high end cinematography on the ground or in the air. The event was a great success with many different activities and free food for all the guests. It was a pleasure to work the the North West Florida AIDS Network and bring there vision to life. we also provided photography for the event as well.

Our company was able to capture aerial pictures as well as ground photography to make sure they had every angle covered. No matter what the event we can help you bring it to life. Our pilots have many years of experience and more importantly a great eye for that shot that will make the video amazing. We work all through out florida and even travel out of the state if needed. Please check out our youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/skyhighaerialproductions.



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Drone photography in South Florida

 Drone photography in South Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions is capturing drone photography in South Florida for high rise painters

Sky High Aerial Productions works a lot with many different industries all across Florida. One industry that benefits from aerial cinematography is painting. Painters that paint high rise buildings to be exact. Our company has the ability to showcase these companies skills far better than they ever before. Sky High Aerial Productions is capturing drone photography in south Florida for high rise painters With our amazing aerial platforms like the Inspire 2 we are able to capture marketing materials that can be used for print, social media and print.


Our last project was with A-1 tropic painting and waterproofing a big painting company that works from Orlando to Miami and does all commercial high rise buildings. They have used other drone companies before in the past but were not satisfied. When I made first contact with Mike the owner over 2 years ago we had to prove that Sky High Aerial Productions was different and could produce better than average results. As you can see we have never looked back and we have been shooting A-1 tropic projects ever since.


We have also acquired 4 more large painting companies that we work with on a regular basis. This day we did four different locations and supplied a full aerial package. This means we captured photos and video of all locations. With our Inspire 2 we always use Polar Pro ND filters to reduce shutter speeds and glare. Also when shooting video we always shoot in 4k with high frames rates like 60-120 fps. This ensures we have the best quality aerial video on the market. After the shoot we use professional adobe platforms like Premiere Pro and PhotoShop to color correct and enhance all video and pictures.


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Solar Drone Photography

Solar Drone Photography 

Sky High Aerial Productions is leading Orlando using solar drone photography for aerial marketing.

Sky High Aerial Productions is working with some of the biggest solar companies in Orlando and the Central Florida area. We are using solar drone photography to help market solar systems around the state. These companies like Superior Solar, Universal Solar and Fun in the Sun Solar install some of the best working systems in Florida. Also these systems look very stylish on the house as well. When you are choosing solar you need to make sure you call a company with good products and good customer service to ensure you have a good experience.

Our company helps solar companies get the angles to really show off these completed systems. Sky High Aerial Productions mainly use Phantom 4 Pro’s for these types of jobs. These drone are small enough they can get close to the systems and still be safe. They also shoot very high quality HD video and pictures. Sky High Aerial Productions normally shoot video and pictures for every location so the client can use the footage on different social media platforms like Instagram, Snap Chat and Facebook. We also get a variety of shots depending on the clients needs

Our company are always looking for different ways to make every location special to make the shots stand out. Also with solar photography you want to make sure not to get a glare on the photos off the panels. Our company is using Polar Pro on our drones so we have no glare on photos and video. We normally shoot photovoltaic solar systems and Heliocol solar systems for pools. These systems can range from 6k to 100k. Sky High Aerial Productions shoots commercial and residential solar jobs all over the state of Florida. If your company needs aerial marketing for your roof or solar company please contact us today!


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Drone Photography In Tampa Florida

Drone Photography In Tampa Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions captures amazing pictures of USF campus and Encore District in Tampa

   Sky High Aerial Productions is expanding into the West coast of Florida. Drone photography in Tampa is growing very rapidly and we want to be right in the middle. Also the solar industry is growing very rapidly in Tampa as well. Sky High Aerial Productions already works with some of the best in the solar business such as Duke Energy solar division and Superior Solar in Orlando and have many years of experience taking aerial photos of solar installations.

Recently we were contracted for a big commercial solar installation on USF campus by a amazing company called Solar Source. This solar installation is massive and is on the Marshal building another interesting fact it is the biggest solar installation to survive the last major hurricane that hit this area. The logistics for this project were more involved than most because we would be on a live campus. Our company had to fill out three pages of information about our company and equipment we would be using. Also we needed to supply the school with risk mitigation procedures we would be using. This means the steps you have in place to reduce the risk of injury if something was to go wrong. You also need a big insurance policy but if you are operating a professional company you will have this already. Finally we got permission from the dean to proceed!

While on set shooting drone photography in Tampa with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro we had many safety features in place. We place red cones around where we would be working so no one could walk threw and also placed signs warning people there was a drone in the area. Sky High Aerial Productions also had a spotter for the pilot to make sure they did not fly over any people while taking photos. We were also using Polar Pro ND filters to ensure there was no glare on the photos. Our second location was a new district in downtown Tampa called the Encore district. This same company Solar Source installed all four apartment buildings with solar to run all the offices and employee areas of the building. Drone photography in Tampa never looked so good. These solar panels look amazing and we are going to partner with this company so we can continue to help them show off their amazing work! If your company needs aerial photography or videography to show of you amazing work please call or click today! Thanks for reading our blog and be safe out there!

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Aerial Video for SeaFair Yacht in Miami

Aerial Video for SeaFair Yacht in Miami

Sky High Aerial Productions produces an aerial video with Inspire 2 drone for the SeaFair Yacht in Miami, Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions recently was hired for a big event in Brickell Miami about a month ago. Our client was a hosting a big corporate event and need us to do the ground and aerial video for the party. The event was on a 40 million dollar yacht named the SeaFair. This boat is over 100 feet long and has four levels with each level at about 10,000 sqft of party space. The company party was for Life Plus which is a huge company that supplies organic supplements all across the world.  For this event, we were flying our Inspire 2 and phantom 4 Pro.  As requested by the client this event was shot in 4k and 5.2k to ensure crystal clear video for post-production. For our ground video, we were using a 5D Mark 3 Cannon camera with professional lens. There were many challenges with this job to ensure safety for us and the crew of the ship.  The SeaFair left port and sailed into Biscayne Bay. It was cruising at about 10mph with a west wind. Sky High Aerial Productions has a lot of experience flying of yachts and the best place to fly on large yachts are from the back. Flying from the back with ensuring if there is a problem you can abort procedure with no risk of hitting the yacht or people.  Flying an Inspire 2 in these conditions requires a lot of practice and should not be done unless you are trained.  After an amazing flight, we needed to hand catch the inspire 2 because it is impossible to land any other way. This is also very dangerous if you are not trained.  Sky High Aerial Productions is experienced in aerial photography and videography and can meet the demands of any client. We pride ourselves on producing amazing visuals to bring an event or party to life.  We work all over the state from the keys to Jacksonville. We will include a link to the YouTube video of the event as well as pictures of the ship so you can get an idea of the size. Thanks for reading the blog and please let us know if we can help you with your next event.

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Drone Companies in Florida

Drone Companies in Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions provides aerial photos and video for customers throughout the state of Florida

When it comes to drone companies in Florida Sky High Aerial Productions is leading the way with fresh video edits and top-notch equipment. Our company only uses the best DJI equipment on the market like the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 pro to ensure the highest quality cinematography in Florida. We have worked with some very big companies in Florida like Ritchie Bros Auctioneers, Duke energy, superior solar, Blue Haven pools, Titan pool construction and many more. When looking for a drone company in Florida you should make sure they are fully licensed and insured to make sure they are serious about their performance. Drone companies in Florida can range from big to small so make you use someone with a great 5-star track record like Sky High Aerial Productions. Also, make sure you can see past work they have done so you can judge them by their ability to price. Many drone companies in Florida will charge you a cheap price but not produce a quality product. You get what you pay for! Sky High Aerial Productions has great prices and has the skill and know how to work any project that comes our way. Many drone companies in Florida do not have the experience that our company has. If you look at our YouTube and website you can see we have many different clients from yacht companies, professional wakeboarding companies, pool companies, land management companies and many more. We have flown of massive ships in the middle of the ocean to inside churches for big event coverage. Drone companies in Florida are plentiful and you much make sure to hire a company like Sky High Aerial Productions so you can rest easy that your vision will come to life. We are a full-scale production company unlike most drone companies in Florida. This means we can produce a video from start to finish all in-house. This is a great advantage because we can save the customer money because we don’t have to use a middleman for anything. If you are looking for one of the best and most respected drone companies in Flordia call Sky High Aerial Productions and you will not be sorry.

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Aerial Photography in Central Florida

Aerial Photography Central Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions provides aerial photos and video for clients in Central Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions is leading the way with aerial photography in Central Florida. Central Florida has many great things to see from the air including the convention center where we recently shot for Oracle with their Tesla ride-along program. You can see the video on our youtube channel. Aerial photography in Central Florida is bigger than Orlando it also includes all Clermont, Wintersprings, Lake Mary and much more. We work with many different companies in central Florida in many different industries like construction, pool companies, landscaping and land development companies and much more. Sky High Aerial Productions has Inspire 2 drones that are capable of amazing HD video and pictures. Many clients interested in aerial photography in central Florida will want you to have this done to ensure quality. We recently did aerial photography and videography in central Florida for Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. This was a massive event, unfortunately, they bought rights to the footage so we cannot make a video to post on our youtube. Aerial photography in central Florida will continue to grow and our company will be there to help show the beauty of our area. With our high-class capabilities and talent, we can make any event stand out. We are just finishing a deal with GayDays Orlando to film and big event they have next month. The company purchased aerial photography and videography for their central Florida event.  If you need professional aerial photography in central Florida please call or click today!! We hope to work with you soon and safe flying!

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