UAV Photography and Videography

January 15, 2019
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January 15, 2019 Jason D

UAV Photography and Videography

UAV Photography and Videography at PBIR

Sky High Aerial Productions provides UAV photography and videography for @Dragtimes youtube channel.

Hey guys, this job was really cool for a bunch of different reasons. Sky High Aerial Productions was called to provide UAV photography and videography by Brooks from Dragtimes. If you guys are not aware of his channel you should check it out! It always has some fast exotic cars racing! Also he meets up with many different people around the city to race at the Palm Beach International Speedway.

So when we were called to help out we jumped at the chance. This racetrack is perfect for our Inspire 2 platform to spread its wings. Also the track was rented out privately by Hydra Motor Works. UAV photography and videography is perfect for this industry and gives the racers a different perspective of their races.

The weather on this day was amazing, nice and cool but sunny at the same time. We also brought our Canon 80D with gimbal system to get some ground footage of the cars as well. Brooks brought out his Mclaren 720S and Hydra Motor Works had a group with some truly amazing rides. Hydra Motor Works is a company in south Florida that tunes any and all exotic cars and have a great reputation for doing amazing work.

The episode we were featured on was Dragtimes VS Demonology. The day went great and we were able to get a lot of really nice 4k footage of many different cars. We will link the video we made of the footage of that event here *Parent Advisory for Music*.Our company loves filming any type of production so please make sure to let us know if we can help bring your project to life!


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