Solar Drone Photography

June 27, 2018
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June 27, 2018 Jason D

Solar Drone Photography

Solar Drone Photography 

Sky High Aerial Productions is leading Orlando using solar drone photography for aerial marketing.

Sky High Aerial Productions is working with some of the biggest solar companies in Orlando and the Central Florida area. We are using solar drone photography to help market solar systems around the state. These companies like Superior Solar, Universal Solar and Fun in the Sun Solar install some of the best working systems in Florida. Also these systems look very stylish on the house as well. When you are choosing solar you need to make sure you call a company with good products and good customer service to ensure you have a good experience.

Our company helps solar companies get the angles to really show off these completed systems. Sky High Aerial Productions mainly use Phantom 4 Pro’s for these types of jobs. These drone are small enough they can get close to the systems and still be safe. They also shoot very high quality HD video and pictures. Sky High Aerial Productions normally shoot video and pictures for every location so the client can use the footage on different social media platforms like Instagram, Snap Chat and Facebook. We also get a variety of shots depending on the clients needs

Our company are always looking for different ways to make every location special to make the shots stand out. Also with solar photography you want to make sure not to get a glare on the photos off the panels. Our company is using Polar Pro on our drones so we have no glare on photos and video. We normally shoot photovoltaic solar systems and Heliocol solar systems for pools. These systems can range from 6k to 100k. Sky High Aerial Productions shoots commercial and residential solar jobs all over the state of Florida. If your company needs aerial marketing for your roof or solar company please contact us today!


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