Drone company in Orlando

January 5, 2019
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January 5, 2019 Jason D

Drone company in Orlando

Drone company in Orlando travels to Daytona for heavy lift project.

Sky High Aerial Productions produces amazing project profile video for Star Mechanical.

Hello guys! Sky High Aerial Productions a drone company in orlando did a project that was truly something that we have never done before. We were called by Star Mechanical and Advanced Roofing to help produce a video for a heavy lift project were they would be lifting three 5 ton A/C units to the roof of a 20 story building with a helicopter. The project was located in Daytona and had a lot of moving parts.

We first had to obtain airspace authorization because the location was within range of an airport. This was done with no problem a couple days before the shoot. We used the LAANC system and was able to get automatic authorization in no time! We also scouted the location on google earth.

During the filming of this project we used our inspire 2 platform due to the amazing ability of the camera. Also we used a Polar Pro ND filter with polarization because this location was right on the water and it was a very sunny early morning shoot that went into the afternoon.

For this shoot we also had a verity of ground cameras that were capturing the action from a couple different angles. For this we used Cannon 80D DSLR cameras on tripods because they are small and have great video quality at 1080P. Since we did this we had great footage from 4 different angles when you include the drone footage.

Since this job had a helicopter involved we had to make sure to coordinate with the pilot to ensure extreme safety during the lifting process. Our staff was able to set a boundary point for filming so we would not get to close with the drone and everyone would be on the same page. The shoot went great and we were able to get everything we needed. The inspire 2 worked perfectly and we got amazing 4k footage to work with.

We will link the video so you can check it out! Thanks for checking out our new blog! sorry for not posting for a while but we have been extremely busy. Many more amazing jobs to come!

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