Drone Photography In Tampa Florida

June 13, 2018
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June 13, 2018 Jason D

Drone Photography In Tampa Florida

Drone Photography In Tampa Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions captures amazing pictures of USF campus and Encore District in Tampa

   Sky High Aerial Productions is expanding into the West coast of Florida. Drone photography in Tampa is growing very rapidly and we want to be right in the middle. Also the solar industry is growing very rapidly in Tampa as well. Sky High Aerial Productions already works with some of the best in the solar business such as Duke Energy solar division and Superior Solar in Orlando and have many years of experience taking aerial photos of solar installations.

Recently we were contracted for a big commercial solar installation on USF campus by a amazing company called Solar Source. This solar installation is massive and is on the Marshal building another interesting fact it is the biggest solar installation to survive the last major hurricane that hit this area. The logistics for this project were more involved than most because we would be on a live campus. Our company had to fill out three pages of information about our company and equipment we would be using. Also we needed to supply the school with risk mitigation procedures we would be using. This means the steps you have in place to reduce the risk of injury if something was to go wrong. You also need a big insurance policy but if you are operating a professional company you will have this already. Finally we got permission from the dean to proceed!

While on set shooting drone photography in Tampa with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro we had many safety features in place. We place red cones around where we would be working so no one could walk threw and also placed signs warning people there was a drone in the area. Sky High Aerial Productions also had a spotter for the pilot to make sure they did not fly over any people while taking photos. We were also using Polar Pro ND filters to ensure there was no glare on the photos. Our second location was a new district in downtown Tampa called the Encore district. This same company Solar Source installed all four apartment buildings with solar to run all the offices and employee areas of the building. Drone photography in Tampa never looked so good. These solar panels look amazing and we are going to partner with this company so we can continue to help them show off their amazing work! If your company needs aerial photography or videography to show of you amazing work please call or click today! Thanks for reading our blog and be safe out there!

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