March 26, 2018 Jason D

Aerial Photography and Videography in Sarasota Florida

Aerial Photography and Videography in Sarasota Florida

Sarasota is a beautiful city in Florida that is a great place for aerial photos and video

Sarasota located on the southwestern coast of the state of Florida. This area is known for its amazing beaches and resorts. The city is also known for being a great place to go on vacation with your family. The beaches have soft white sand and the sunsets are amazing! Aerial photography and videography in Sarasota, Florida is a must if you happen to visit! One of the most important aerial shots to capture in the city is the sunsets on the beach. I want to make this is clear: you are not allowed to leave until you have seen the beautiful sun setting over the ocean. It will take your breath away! It turns the whole sky orange, red, blue and pink and sometimes purple. The kids will enjoy running along the soft, white sand as you take in the beauty of this huge orange sun setting. You will get some great aerial photos and video, but it is important to bring the right drone with you. The Inspire is my drone of choice when it comes to getting amazing aerial photography and videography footage in Sarasota Florida. The Inspire is just in overall heavier drone compared to other drones therefore; it will not get picked up by any of the wind. Another big reason why the Inspire Drone is important when you are trying to get great aerial photography and videography in Sarasota is because it is a more intelligent drone. The Inspire drone will relocate its home location. This feature lets you be able to walk down the beach and the drone can easily find its way back to you. Normally, when you are capturing drone footage the drone will go back to the point where it took off from, but not with the Inspire drone. You are able to change the location and the drone will fly back to you automatically. Sarasota Florida is a huge tourist area and also a great place to go on a boat. One awesome adventure would be capturing some drone photography and videography in Sarasota, Florida from a boat in the ocean. You could get some great shots of the boat and the shore. Drone photography and Videography is a blast in Sarasota, Florida and I can guarantee that you will be so happy with your footage that you capture and while having so much fun!

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