Drone Photography Inspire 2

December 23, 2017
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December 23, 2017 Jason D

Drone Photography Inspire 2

Drone Photography

We use the Inspire 2 to capture amazing drone photography

In the world of photography things are changing every year. One of the biggest changes is drone Photography. Our company uses very high end drones like the Inspire 2 to capture amazing drone photography. We use drone photography in every industry we work in on a monthly basis. Our drone photography is crystal clear at 25 megapixels and we use the most advanced editing software to sure amazing color and contrast for that professional look the customer reacts too. We use drone photography over the ocean with yacht and personal boats sales and inspection. We also use drone photography for our solar company accounts to help them market there amazing designs. When shooting drone photography commercially you are not allowed to exceed 400ft AGL. I would say about 95% of all drone photography flights we do are below 150ft. Usually when taking aerial pictures the customer will not need you to fly very high unless it is a big piece of land you are shooting. Drone photography can be taken in single shot, 3 shot burst or 10 shot burst. Three and ten shot burst drone photography is good for when you are flying at top speed and need to make sure you get the shot you need. You should always shoot drone photography in DNG RAW format not JPG. This will give you much more editing power in post-production to ensure your pictures stand out from the crowd. After editing your drone photography you will need to convert pictures to JPG for your clients because most clients will not know what to do with a DNG raw file. If you are flying a drone, drone photography is the first skill you will need to master to start a successful drone company. I will attach pictures of some of our drone photography we have done in the past month so you can have some examples. Please check out our Instagram and website for more amazing drone photography examples

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