December 14, 2017 Jason D

Drone Videography

Drone Videography

Sky High Aerial Productions uses drones that produce the highest level of 4k video footage

Drone videography is becoming a very important industry and is quickly becoming service customers are looking for. Sky High Aerial Productions uses drones that produce the highest level of 4k footage when it comes to drone videography. Our company uses Inspire 2 drones that are capable of 5.2k quality drone videography. Recently we did drone videography for Mares Catamaran in Miami to showcase a boat that will be featured in the Miami boat show. The drone videography used in this project was aimed to feature the boats s in the ocean with waves. Our Inspire 2 has no problem keeping up with this amazing 47-foot boat doing over 50mph. Drone videography is taking the place of helicopter videography more and more every year. Drone videography will continue to grow because compared to helicopter it is much easier to work with. Also, it is much cheaper and much better quality footage than most helicopter camera. Sky High Aerial Productions uses drone videography for many different industries like film, construction, boating, t.v. Production and many more. Drone videography and Drone Photography are the two biggest departments we have at Sky High Aerial Productions along with our ground division and mapping division. Drone Videography is by far the most satisfying because you can be so creative and really make projects come to life. we have attached some Drone photography pictures of the catamaran so you can see. You can see our drone videography of this project on our YouTube channel.  Please like and subscribe to our channel on Youtube!!!

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